Thursday, October 22, 2009

Times NIE Fundamental Quiz 2009


VENUE: Siri Fort Auditorium
Quizmaster: Derek O' Brien
Winners: New Era Public School


  1. Near which famous monument was the Quwwatul Islam mosque,India's first mosque built?
  2. In which movie do the teams from India and Pakistan contest for the 'Aman Cup'?
  3. Out of the following countries where would you find the Asiatic Cheetah in the
    wild? India/Iran/Bhutan
  4. Which Transport Corporation has the largest fleet of CNG buses in the world?
  5. Which special symbol would you find on the keyboard on number key 7?
  6. What does 'ab' mean in kebab?
  7. How many members of the Rajya Sabha retire every two years? One third/Two third/All
  8. Alopecia is the loss of what?
  9. Which was the first electronic item to get an Energy Star rating? - Refrigerator/Computer/Television
  10. Who did Manoj Tiwary replace in the Delhi Daredevils team for the Champions League?
  11. With which Himachal Pradesh district would you associate caps?
  12. Ngultrum is the currency of which country?
  13. 'Unity and Discipline' is the motto of which Indian youth organisation?
  14. If gidha is performed by the women of the state which folk dance would you associate the men with?
  15. What color are the illuminated exit signals on the Delhi Metro?
  16. In Oliver Twist, by what nickname was Jack Dawkins better known as?
  17. Who was the last Vice-President of India to become the President?
  18. Sundarlal Bahuguna said 'Ecology is permanent ______'. Fill in the blank.
  19. Which is the first number which has the letter 'a' appearing in it?
  20. Speedguns used to measure the speed of the ball were first introduced in which sport?
  21. Name the comic strip created by Hank Ketcham that debuted on March 12, 1951.
  22. Which place is considered to be the origin of the river ganga?
  23. Which is the largest gland in human body?
  24. Which is the smallest denomination for which the coin is available in 11 sides and a circular shape?
  25. The first book of the series was published on 30 June 1997 by Bloomsbury in London.Name the series or the book.
  26. Identify.
  27. Identify.
  28. Identify the movie.
  29. Identify the voice. Miley Cyrus
  30. Identify the music director. Movie:Wake Up Sid



  1. Hey guys I just posted the prelims but missed out on 7 questions. if somebody could help me with those 7 it would be great for other people.


  2. Ques 3. Japan, India, Iran and perhaps Bhutan were the options.
    Ques 9. Which was the first electronic item to get an Energy Star rating? - Refrigerator/Computer/another option
    Ques 24. It was 11 sides and also as a circular coin.
    There was also a question from Oliver Twist.
    Another question: What does 'ab' in kebab mean?

  3. What is the answer to the question 24.

  4. @Shreyans- yeh man so..yuh provided one ques and some clues..thnx.

  5. post the stage round ques as well try and help...

  6. I am a newbie to quizzing...found it interesting. So for ppl like me its difficult to keep searching for answers(especially for the pictures). It would fit the spirit of this blog to provide the answers of the questions of various quizzes posted on this blog as "blog would definitely cater to students interested in quizzing". In short, Anshul answers to all ur posts please?

  7. Accepted..actually i thought it would be better off people attempting the questions and then i finally post the answers..well..which school you from?

  8. hey dude u cld upload d stage ques i uploadd on
    ur team really did well.congrats.which class?

  9. @Mukund-I'm in class 11. What about you? Which school you from?

  10. Whats Your Raasheee was really a sitter.

  11. hey these questions r so tuff i hav 2 participate dis year wat do i do??

  12. can i hav the answer to the question of identifying that tennis professional?

  13. Hey its an awesome work by you..... but if we could get some more questions regarding the further rounds it would be much helpful for us.... though i know its a long time since then but anyone having the question set for the year 2010 or even 2011?? it will be a great pleasure if you guys would provide the needful

  14. i would be plzdif you would tell the ansers

  15. who is the admin of this blog
    i like ur blogs very can i communicate?

  16. well..i'm the admin and thanks if you like the posts..but I have stopped publishing as of could check around the month of july..probably would again start publishing.

  17. Any idea what the syllabus for 2011 is?

  18. it would be more prefferable if you could provide with the answers.please try

  19. can any one help me out with the syllabus

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